Does Follow for Follow on Twitter Work?

Does Follow for Follow on Twitter Work?
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A follower is a person who gets your Tweets. If you have followers on Twitter:

  • You will find them in the list of your followers
  • You can begin a private chat with these people
  • These people can see your Tweets on the Home timeline when they start using Twitter by logging in.

Your home page or profile page has the followers’ link that displays your total number of followers as well as their identity.

Twitter sends an email to you by default to inform you as soon as you have a new follower.

You may configure your email preference to send you notifications whenever there is a new follower.

Alternatively, you may also switch off these notifications.

Are you using Twitter for some time now?

If that is the case, you might have noticed something called a "follow-for-follow" thread.

Such threads on Twitter are quite popular because they may assist you in increasing your followers very quickly.

But are these threads useful in the long run?

The article covers all the nitty-gritty of Twitter’s follow-for-follow strategy.

You will also find ways of finding follow-for-follow threads outside of Twitter, as well as the many different ways of using them and other relevant topics.

Defining follow-for-follow on Twitter

Follow-for-follow is an act of following people to acquire a follow back.

If you attempt to follow a large number of users back to back, though, the platform will block your account.

However, the feature is less forceful in comparison to that of Instagram.

Thousands of users on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, are fond of the follow-for-follow feature.

That’s because it is a fast technique to increase their followers.

Does Twitter approve of the follow-for-follow strategy?

The shortest answer is “yes.”

The follow-for-follow strategy operates on Twitter.

Needless to say,  though, there are some demerits of using this strategy.

Many users insist that Twitter’s follow-for-follow threads have produced mixed results.

Are you planning to use this particular strategy to increase the number of your followers?

You should then be familiar with its merits and demerits both.

It is crucial to learn what you would be getting into if you use it to increase your followers.

Merits of follow-for-follow strategy on Twitter

First, Twitter’s follow-for-follow strategy is the simplest way for users to increase their number of followers on this social media platform.

It also signifies that you can begin your brand new account on Twitter and have about one hundred followers very fast.

Many new users on Twitter have claimed that their number of followers spiked from zero to two hundred without even posting one tweet.

All these users had used the strategy called follow for follow for only one week.

So, the second benefit is the user using this strategy does not have to tweet much to grow their follower size.

As the growth of your followers heavily depends on following others, there is no need to tweet at all to increase your followers.

Likewise, there is no need to interact with someone else's tweets if you do not wish it.

Do you want to increase the number of followers on Twitter organically?

If so, then you need to regularly engage with other users and post tweets in such scenarios.

Additionally, it takes a much longer period for you to increase the number of followers unless the tweets go viral.

The good news is that you can use the follow-for-follow strategy.

You can also like some comments of those users.

Demerits of follow-for-follow strategy on Twitter

Now that you know the merits of the follow-for-follow strategy on Twitter, it is essential to learn the demerits as well.

The first demerit is that your feed on this platform will be crowded with innumerable random tweets.

As such, you need to be cautious about the users you follow on Twitter.

As indicated earlier, the downside of this strategy is that the feed will now be congested with too many tweets.

Therefore, it will be very tough for you to keep track of all tweets.

You could likely end up missing the tweets of your dear ones as a result.

For instance, one of your close friends might have tweeted about two hours ago.

It could get lost under innumerable other tweets.

The result would be you scrolling down for ages to track that particular tweet.

To control this issue, you need to mute all such tweets of users.

Secondly, your following ratio/followers may not be perfect.

If you have a bad following ratio/followers, it can harm your account on Twitter.

Since you are following too many random people on Twitter, many of them may not interact with the tweets you posted.

As a result, you may spoil your engagement rate.

Additionally, you need to keep a tab on the following limit of Twitter to stop getting blocked.

Not only that, but you will need to constantly keep a tab on unfollowers for unfollowing them.

Last but not least, this Twitter strategy is excessively time-consuming.

That is because the number of followers you will gain on Twitter will depend on how many users you follow on this social media platform.

Now, that means you need to follow hundreds of users to get hundreds of followers on Twitter.

Using the follow-for-follow strategy on Twitter

The simplest means to use this innovative strategy to increase your followers on Twitter is to join Indiehackers or follow-for-follow threads on this social media platform.

The thread can be compared to a follow train so that users can follow one another.

You can rapidly expand your audience on Twitter by utilizing such threads.

The basic idea is to use these threads to make sure that you follow as many users as possible.

These threads will help you to acquire numerous followers.

You may ask: How to locate such threads?

In Indiehackers, such threads are an eminent thing.

Although the community mainly focuses on entrepreneurship, it comprises several groups where users can engage in diverse topics.

Handy step-wise procedure to utilize Twitter’s follow-for-follow thread on Indiehackers:

  • Share the Twitter link.
  • You should start following other Indiehackers on the platform.
  • You may also send them a DM that you are from Indiehackers to enjoy a follow back.

On Indiehackers, follow-for-follow threads are incredibly handy.

After all, you can acquire several hundreds of followers on Twitter from them.

Are you an entrepreneur?

In that case, this thread is ideal for you because you will connect with like-minded users.

As the posting of these threads is not consistent in the community, you need to watch out.

An alternative option for you is to post one such thread yourself and start hoping that it can get on your home page.

Many Twitter users claim Indiehackers helped them to acquire hundreds of followers.

Another easy tactic to increase followers on Twitter is to like the comments of other users.

However, we have observed that such users do not engage a lot and so do not advise using them.

Additionally, your feed will be full of hundreds of random tweets very fast.

Having said so, it is still possible to use them when you simply wish to expand the number of your followers.

Are you concerned about your followers/following ratio and engagement rate?

If the answer is affirmative, we recommend avoiding such threads on Twitter.

Is it possible to do a mass following on Twitter?

Yes, it is possible to do a mass following on Twitter.

However, the platform’s algorithm will block you from following when you reach the maximum follow limit.

According to social media’s own words, its users can follow a maximum of 400 accounts every day if they have an unverified account.

In Twitter’s own words, you can follow up to 400 accounts per day with an unverified account.

This, however, does not place the rate at which a user is following into an account.

In case you start following other users one after another, Twitter will temporarily block you from following.

It is Twitter’s approach or algorithm to reduce automation and spam on its platform.

This particular feature has an uncanny similarity to that of Instagram.

On the other hand, if Twitter action blocks your account, the restriction lasts for only some minutes compared to the restriction on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

You may use to adopt the follow-for-follow strategy on Twitter.

However, it is a controversial way to increase the number of your followers on the platform.

Although the strategy has its share of demerits and controversies, it is an effective tactic to increase your audience on Twitter.

The strategy has its own share of merits and demerits.

The biggest merit is the speed with which you can increase the number of followers on this social media platform.

The key demerit is that your feed will be crowded with innumerable tweets.

Finally, it is up to a user to ascertain whether the merits of this strategy outweigh the demerits or not.