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Tweetbeat is a real-time source for what people are saying about any major event.

Get the most interesting tweets about any major event, in real-time. Keep up with live sports, headline news, the hottest TV shows, conferences and much more.

Tweetbeat puts you in the heart of the action, whether you’re cheering on the home team, watching the red carpet or following a breaking news story.

LiveFollow event streams to see up-to-the-minute reactions from fans, experts and celebs.
Replay tweets from earlier events.
Watch Firsthand commentary from key people and players at the event.
Read Headlines about the event from top news sources.
Get Recommendations for people to follow who share your event interests.
Search for events happening right now.
How Tweetbeat Works
Tweetbeat uses Kosmix’s advanced semantic technology to identify the meaning of tweets in real-time and categorize them instantly. This sophisticated categorization system is based on the Web’s largest taxonomy and has been in development at Kosmix for more than six years. It enables Tweetbeat to understand relationships, influence and trends, so that the system finds every relevant tweet without relying on hashtags or keywords. Tweetbeat then uses a relevance meter and a real-time influence score to determine which tweets to show, and which ones to filter out.

A Kosmix Production
Tweetbeat is owned and operated by Kosmix. Kosmix filters social media to connect you to content that interests you. Kosmix scours the Web to identify interesting and important social media content, and then organizes it by topic. For more information, visit www.kosmix.com

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